The Q-Series

Xtreme Long Drive® announces the new Q-Series Events starting in February at the Suncoast World Challenge in Lakewood Ranch, FL.  The Q-series event will take place on Friday ahead of the World Challenge weekend TOUR event. At Regular XLD TOUR stops it will take place on Saturday with XLD TOUR Event taking place on Sunday.   This will be the first of 15 Q-Series events across the country which will serve as open qualifier events for the year-ending XLD™ World Championships at Cog Hill Golf & CC Long Drive Grid in Chicago, IL starting Sept 16-19, 2021.  Each event will consist of 1-4 Men’s Open Division Groupings and 1 Master’s Division Grouping.  Each Stage #1 Grouping should last 1-½ hours and Stage #2 will begin 30 minutes after the completion of the last Stage #1 Grouping of the Day.  Stage #1 Master’s Division grouping will follow Men’s Open Division Groupings and Stage #2 will also follow the Open Men’s Division Stage #2.

Stage 1 and Stage 2

XLD™ Q-Series Stage #1 events are open to all hitters amateur or professional, XLD TOUR Member or non-Member.  These events will consist of multiple 64 slot groupings that will have hitters hitting 6 shots for a $50 entry and counting their longest ball of the 6.  Hitters will be able to purchase up to 5 slots in each 64 slot grouping. They may purchase spots in multiple groupings, however once they qualify for Stage #2 these remaining spots will be forfeited and may be resold by XLD™ at their discretion.  There will be no refunds of unused spots whether they are due to no show or hitter already qualifying for Stage #2..  There will be between 1-4 groupings per event plus one grouping for Master’s Division hitters based on time available and number of hitters registered. The Top 8 hitters in each group will be combined and move onto XLD™ Q-Series Stage #2 and compete in a double elimination bracket event.  XLD™ Q-Series Stage #2 will have a separate entry fee of $225 and all competitors in Stage #2 will need to be XLD™ or if competing as an Amateur an ALD™ Tour Card Member.  Pairings for Double Elimination Brackets will be determined by finishing order in Stage #1 with winners of each grouping being #1 seed in Stage #2 and alternating groupings  based on number of grouping qualified (see below) Brackets will proceed until the predetermined number of hitters remain and those hitters will have their ticket punched to the XLD™ World Championship.


Number of qualifiers will be determined by the number of Stage #1 groupings in the the double elimination Stage #2.  

1 Stage #1 Grouping = 1 Qualifying Spot, 

2 Stage #1 Groupings = 2 Qualifying Spots

3 Stage #1 Groupings = 3 Qualifying Spots

4 Stage #1 Groupings = 4 Qualifying Spots


Seeding based on number of groupings:


1 Grouping – 1,8,4,5 & 2,7,3,6 with Top 2 moving to Winners Bracket & Bottom moving to Loser’s Bracket until we reach Top 1


2 Grouping – 1A,8B,4B,5A – 2B,7A,3A,6B – 2A,7B,3B,6A & 1B,8A,4A,5B with Top 2 moving to Winners Bracket and Bottom 2 moving to Loser’s Bracket until we reach Top 2


3 Groupings – 1A,8B,4B,5A – 2B,7C,3C,6B – 1B,8C,4C,5B – 2C,7A,3A,6C – 1C,8A,4A,5C – 2A,7B,3B,6A with Top 2 moving to Winners Brackets and Bottom 2 moving to Loser’s Brackets until we reach Top 3


4 Groupings – 1A,8B,4B,5A – 2B,7A,3A,6B – 2A,7B,3B,6A & 1B,8A,4A,5B – 1C,8D,4D,5C – 2D,7C,3C,6D – 2C,7D,3D,6C & 1D,8C,4C,5D with Top 2 moving to Winners Bracket and Bottom 2 moving to Loser’s Bracket until we reach Top 4


All Qualifying spot winners will receive a paid entry into the XLD™ TOUR World Championship at Cog Hill G&CC Long Drive Grid in Chicago, IL starting Sept 16-19, 2021.  These spots are non-transferable and limited to one per hitter.  Winners will be also be awarded