Ultimate Long Drive, Inc and the World Long Drive Association® (WLDA) have reached an agreement to include the WLD World Ranking Points for Xtreme Long Drive™ (XLD™) competitions. The top two hitters in each XLD™ event will receive WLD points and be ranked in WLD standings.

All XLD™ competitors will receive XLD™ World Ranking Points in their quest for the 2020 XLD™ Series Championship.

XLD™ will operate as a “mini-tour” during the remainder of the 2020 season (through August 2020) to help professional long drivers prepare themselves for WLD competition. There will be up to 10 events in the series. At the end of this season, a series championship in Myrtle Beach, SC will crown a Women’s and Men’s XLD™ Series Champion. In addition to XLD™ competitions, hitters are encouraged to enter WLD Q Series events in an effort to qualify for the WLD World Championship. Any WLD hitters outside the top 75 in Open Men’s division ranking and outside the top 10 in Open Women’s ranking may compete in XLD™.

Beginning with the 2020/2021 season that begins September 1, 2020, Ultimate Long Drive, Inc will add XLD™ competitions at the league level. XLD™ hitters will have an opportunity to compete in events in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and India.

For more information about points distribution, please review the XLD™ World Ranking Points Formula.