XLD™ Payout Change Coming 4/8/20

We’re revising our payout formula for (what we hope to be) the balance of this season.  We’ll make a formal announcement tomorrow (4/8/20). We will also add an XLD™ Division for players inside WLD Top 75 along with an XLD™ Masters Divison. 

Since announcing the launch of Xtreme Long Drive™ (XLD™) with our 60% payback model, we’ve continually been reminded that long drivers prefer the 100% payback model. The reason most often given is, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

It is important to point out that Ultimate Log Drive, Inc owns the Amateur Long Drive Championship Series (ALD™) and XLD™ with a core purpose to create a fundamentally sound business model for its licensees and in the process create a sustainable foundation for the long-term growth of the sport of long drive. 

To review for those who may not know what the heck I’m talking about, allow me to explain. 

For Xtreme Long Drive™ events we pay out a minimum of 60% of the entry fees paid into the event as the purse for that event. We pay that purse back three spots. See our Xtreme Long Drive Payout Formula. Our entry fees are $175. So the winner of an event with 40 hitters pays $175 to compete and wins $2750. Second place gets $1440, and third gets $480. When we say the “minimum” payout is 60%, that is because we plan to add sponsorship to the payout as we grow and are deemed worthy by prospective sponsors. We expect to “earn” their respect over the course of this first season. XLD™ athletes also participate in a season-long Series Ranking Points competition for a berth in the season-ending XLD™ Series Championship.  

It should be noted that XLD™ (Open Men) players outside the World Long Drive (WLD) top 75 may compete for WLD World Ranking points. A minimum of 5 competitors is required for the top 2 to receive WLD points. Players “inside” WLD World Ranking points may compete, but are not eligible for XLD™ or WLD World Ranking points. Those players inside WLD’s top 75 will also share in a separate purse derived from their entries. The same payout formula applies. See Xtreme Long Drive Rules Section 1.1.1 for details.  XLD™ is intended to be a developmental series to prepare mid-level players for competition in WLD. 

XLD™ Women players, no matter if or where they are ranked by WLD, have the opportunity to compete for a variety of WLD benefits including exemptions into the WLD World Championship. See Xtreme Long Drive Rules Section 1.1.2 for details  

The 100% payback model, while very popular among professional long drivers, is not a fundamentally sound business model. Think about it. When I ask (those who bring up the subject) how tournament expenses are covered, I get a couple of answers.

  1. One has to run a ProAm or other type of tournament to cover the expenses for the Long Drive event. Ok, if that’s what you want to do to be able to hold a pro long drive event….go for it. 
  2. One has to gather some amateurs (who can’t be paid) and use their entry fees to cover the cost of the Long Drive tournament. In my opinion, this is a horrible idea and is definitely not a sustainable business model. 

So, what’s wrong with creating a sustainable business model to run professional long drive tournaments? The answer….long drivers, for whatever reason,  expect to compete for 100% of the money they pay in. When I ask (those who bring up the subject) about profit, I’m often met with, “If you’re in it for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reason.” Here’s news flash, hitters….without a profitable, sustainable solution for the competition, it will not succeed. Bottom line, we can’t and will not ask our licensees to hold pro tournaments without being paid for their time and effort. 

XLD™ may not be attractive to the bulk of hitters who would rather sit at home than play for less than 100% of their entry fees. After all, it is intended to attract those outside WLDs top 75 and serve as a developmental series. We welcome any and all who want to compete, but we need to ensure we’re here for the long haul.