What Is ULD Academy?

A series of long drive specific clinics designed to help long drivers of all skill levels perform at their peak. The ULD Academy utilizes three stages of clinics along with on-going personal training/coaching and online video lessons. All clinics will be conducted by ULD Certified Long Drive Trainers.

Stage One

Stage one clinics focus on speed, technique, and stability. Participants who progress through the Stage One curriculum will leave the half-day clinic with a marked / proven improvement.

Stage Two

Stage Two clinics focus on advanced mechanics, nutrition, conditioning, and advanced speed training.

Stage Three

Stage Three clinics are geared around mental preparation, managing the grid, shot-shaping, creating and competing with a game-day strategy.


All dates for upcoming clinics will be posted on all Ultimate Long Drive properties (ALD & XLD) websites and social media. To be added to a waiting list and be notified of a clinic in your area fill out the form HERE. 


Interested ULD Academy Trainers may apply for licensing and certification in their area HERE.