Jeff Crittenden's Xtreme Long Drive®

Jeff Crittenden’s Xtreme Long Drive® Tour

2020 Format:  80 % of the field will be first XLD Tour members to sign up for an event and are exempt into the Bracket Field. (6 for field of 8, 13 of 16, 20 of 24, 27 of 32, 40 of 48 & 51 of 64) Exempt fields will be determined from all entries received 7 days prior to the event. Remaining entries will compete in a Play-In format for remaining spots in the Bracket Field.

Bracket Field sizes are based on total entries per division;

5-15 Entries = Bracket Field of 8 with Head to Head Final 4

16-23 Entries = Bracket Field of 16 with Head to Head Final 4

24-31 Entries = Bracket Field of 24 with Head to Head Final 4

32-47 Entries = Bracket Field of 32 with Head to Head Final 8

48-63 Entries = Bracket Field of 48 with Head to Head Final 8

64 or more Entries = Bracket Field of 64 with Head to Head Final 8

Bracket Field will be divided into groups of 8 based on current XLD Standings, players not ranked will be blind drawn into groups.  All players in the group will hit 2 sets of 6 balls (Set consist of 6 balls in 2:30 minutes) in groups of 4 with the longest drive of 2 sets counted for seeding inside each group to fill Double Elimination Brackets.  

Double Elimination Brackets will proceed with all 4 hitters hitting at the same time and top 2 move along in Winners Bracket and bottom 2 move to Loser Bracket. Play continues until Final Head to Head count is reached.  (see Grids on website)

Head to Head Final Rounds will be 1 Set of 6 shots Alternating Shots. (:20 Seconds for each Shot).

Critter Rule: All balls within 13” will be considered tied and 3 Ball Hit-Off will decide tie.

XLD Tour Points will be awarded to all hitters in the Grid Field.  (see Website for Points List)

Play -In: All hitters not exempt into the Bracket Field will hit 2 Sets of 6 balls in 2:30 in equal numbered groups not to exceed 4 at one time based on total number of hitters.  Top hitters = to full Bracket Field size will round out the Grid Field.  If Play-In has 3 or more hitters over the Bracket Field size (ie; 7 hitters for 2 spots, 8 hitters for 5 spots…) Play-In Winner will receive $250. All hitters who make the Grid Field will receive XLD Tour Points based on their finish in the Grid Field.  All Eliminated players in the LCQ will receive 50 points.

Full Tour Rules are currently being revised and will be updated shortly!

XLD League Series Events

XLD League Series Events

This is the place for aspiring long drivers to test and hone their skills while competing for cash prizes in smaller fields.  These events will be run by our local ULD Tournament Directors around the country in conjunction with ALD League Events and Regional ULD Events with points and spots in XLD League Championship to be held at the ALD World Championships where the winner will receive an exemption into the XLD Tour World Championship Field.

XLD League Series Tour Card will be $175 which includes the option to compete in 1 regular XLD Tour Event Play In, if you qualify for the field you will have to upgrade to Tour Card (extra $200).

XLD League Series Events entry fee will be $150 with 70% of purse paid back at each event and 10% going to XLD League Championship at the end of the season.

XLD League will run in conjunction with ALD League Events starting in 2021.  More details will be added as they are finalized!