About Us

Jeff Crittenden’s Xtreme Long Drive® Tour


The XLD™ Tour is aimed at the highest level of Long Drive competitors in the World.  2-time Master’s World Long Drive Champion Jeff “Critter” Crittenden will serve as the Tour Commissioner and Host for our 1st XLD™ World Championship in 2020.  The Tour will consist of 3 divisions for 2020, Open Men, Masters 45+ & Ladies Open and expand to include more divisions in 2021 at certain events.


These events will pay out 80% of all purses collected plus a portion of sponsorships to Top 25% of the field.  Format will be 2 rounds of preliminaries for seeding, double elimination bracket format and Head to Head format for 4 to 8 final hitters based on field size.  First 80% of the field will be based on first come first in. 20% of every field will be based on 2 Round Play In for remaining spots in the brackets.


2020 XLD™ Tour Card will be $175.00

2021 XLD™ Tour Card will be $375.00

Combo 2020/2021 XLD™ Tour Card $450


3 Events in 2020 (Mesquite 7/31, Des Moines 9/25 & Greensboro 10/31) and 12-16 Events in 2021 ( All Grids will be 400+ yard Facilities)

Each Event is 2 days with Play In Round and Seeding Rounds on Day 1 & Double Elimination and Head to Head Rounds on Day 2.


Entry Fees for Regular Tour events will be $500 for Open Men & $400 for Master’s and Ladies’ 

Entry Fees for Major Events and World Championships will be $750 Open Men and $500 for Master’s and Ladies.